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Company Facts

Del Valle Aguayo, S.A. is an organisation made up of 40 workers. 80% of its employees are professional electricians, 12% are technicians and the rest are support staff.

The turnover can be divided into three blocks: Electrical Installations and Assemblies, renewable energies and selling energy they generate in different facilities in Alava.


Turnover graph. Renewable energies 13%, generation of clean energy 2% and Electrical installations 85%

The company has the technical capacity to complete all types of projects: It has a fleet of vans, trucks, lifting devices, its own panel workshop and material in stock including two industrial warehouses adding up to 2000 m², located in the Jundiz Industrial Estate (Alava) and a renewable energies research centre with 300 m² dedicated to RTD+i.

Electrical facilities broken down by work volume

Graph of electrical facilities broken down by work volume. Breakdowns and small jobs 5%, major jobs up to €100,000 42% and major jobs over €100,000 53%

logo Del Valle Aguayo S.A.
Landaluzea, 10 (Jundiz Industrialdea) 01015 Vitoria-Gasteiz
C/ Ferdinand Zeppelin, 9 (Álava Technology Park) 01510 Miñano (Álava)
Phone: 945 29 00 45 | Fax: 945 29 03 26 | info@delvalleaguayo.com | www.delvalleaguayo.com
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